Playground, cold weather and housework.
Tuesday, 01/06/04 - 11:36 am.

Since I woke up I haven't done anything but to take care of domestic bussiness. From making sure the kids took the school bus to arranging the movies on the living room shelf.

I've been cleaning up all morning, and I can't complain. I actually like doing that, putting everything in order. I don't want to become a stay-home mom, of course, but doing housework is actually enjoyable here and there. Specially now, that the holidays are over and there was a mess everywhere, I can't live among a mess. Besides, it's easier to clean up when there isn't anybody around, so they don't get on your way and make a disaster all over again.

I think today is colder than yesterday (and I thought it couldn't get any colder), but since I've not stopped moving all morning, I'm not cold at all. Speaking of cold, yesterday afternoon, like I said I would, I took the kids to my niece's school playground. She had basketball practice. It was remarkably fun, but the kids and I, and Iris (the family beagle, the kids couldn't find her sweater), were freezing. Luckily she was dismissed earlier, because of the weather. I'd taken snacks and water (we went walking, I dare not drive yet), so the only problem was the cold weather (I do prefer cold to hot, though, if you must know).

I sat on a swing and I read Fahrenheit 451, barely feeling my fingers. this book got me hooked. Playgrounds are neat. There was this chinese toddler, he was very cute. There were also three teenage boys, but I didn't get a blast out of watching them.

I'm waiting for Yellow Submarine (the movie) to arrive. My brother (the one back home) ordered a PS2 at, and it'll be delivered it to this house, so I took a chance and ordered something else. And the last tangent, I think I'm getting better at guitar. And that's emotionally rewarding.

Well, I have to go finish the laundry, so this will have to be one short, lame, entry about housework. There's not much else to talk about, though. But everything's just fine, seriously.

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