Pedestrian gremlins and deliveries.
Thursday, 01/08/04 - 9:57 am.

With this weather (rain all day) is not really advisable to go out for a walk. Unfortunately, that's pretty much what I have to do, in the afternoon (note the HAVE TO particle). I'm afraid spores will come out of my back as soon as raindrops touch my body. What will my niece's friends say when they see she's being picked up by a gremlin? And a pedestrian gremlin, for that matter.

I'm as lazy as yesterday, so don't expect a lot. The only big thing that's happened was that the dog, Iris, brought in a dead woodpecker yesterday, at the same time as my brother Carlos' PS2 (the one he ordered from amazon, along with the YELLOW SUBMARINE MOVIE THAT HAS NOT ARRIVED) was being delivered. I'm not making stupid conclusions...well, I already did, so screw it all.

Ok, bye.

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