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Saturday, 01/10/04 - 10:55 pm.

I went shopping this afternoon, with my brother Alan (afternoon...from 3 to 8, specifically). The guy's a sweetheart, he's very patient when I'm shopping and even helps me to carry my bags, and to pick out what's better...he's so nice, he's wonderful.

I spent a lot of money, I think, but I'm done with the shopping. It was sad to think that was the last time I'd go shopping. I mean, I'm leaving Houston next weekend, and that's just sad. I'm not so much into shopping, usually, but in this country in particular (and with someone so patient as my brother) your fingers tickle in your pocket, looking for money to get the next big thing. But I kept in mind Watson's (a psychologist whose contributions helped to shape up consumerism as it's known today) mind game, of making you feel "reasonably unsatisfied" with what you have. The line "you REALLY don't need that", repeated over and over again in my head, saved me quite a few bucks.

I went to Hot Topic, which at first I thought was a cool place, but now it scares me. I mean, it's cool, really, what they sell is really cool. But a little creepy, the people there. The cashier guy was charming, though, very cute. The people who work there are charming. Oh, and they had Beatle shirts! but none of them my size, so it wasn't a win/win situation. I could've bought the L size, but it would've been embarrasing to go out IN it. And we don't want a stay-home beatle shirt, do we? Of course not, you're supposed to be out parading with it.

Err, so I was saying...the place's a little creepy. I thought I was becoming a Hot Topic person, wearing All Stars and black bandanas and wristbands and chokers...but I wouldn't stand being the "oh, boo-hoo, the world sucks and no one understands me and they all judge me and so I dress in black with skulls and chains" type of person.

My style has nothing to do with being a tortured soul, and it's kind of annoying when you're surrounded by teenagers who consider themselves such thing and, over all, take so much effort to show it. It gets old. I told my brother that kind of people (there were a few goths around) stated no one understood them, and everybody judged them and all those things whiny, trendy teenagers say. "Well, it's's just that they look a little dirty". He wasn't freaked out (imagining a grown-up would be) by the things and the people he saw at Hot I said, he's always around me, patiently waiting for me to make up my mind or just finish looking at stuff. Bless his soul.

Long story short, I bought two shirts, two buttons, two cuffs, a belt and PJs. No, not at Hot Topic (except for the cuffs and the buttons). It's ok to look, but I tend to look for more practical, cheaper things. The shirts were $5 each, and the PJs were $9, at Wal-Mart. Oh, and socks. YAYSOCKS, ILOVESOCKS! And a permanent marker, and a pair of jeans for my brother, and a bookmark for my dad and a pugs calendar for my brother's girlfriend. At times I'm so embarrased to spend so much money. And say I didn't buy a Ninja Turtles poster and/or t-shirt. And the Beatles shirt. And the Emperor's New Groove movie. And other minimal things that I "really don't need". And I really don't. But it's tempting.

Why didn't anybody tell me the Britney Spears thing? It was all over the magazine stands. I'm not a showbiz gossip person, but this thing of her getting married and divorced (?) was just too shocking. I gave in and I had to open the magazine, just to give a quick look. She's going downhill, who knew, the poor girl? I've never liked her, but as a person, I have nothing against her.

And why didn't anybody tell me a Bat Boy led the USA troops to Saddam's hole? That's what a magazine said!!! And it had the picture of the bat boy, too. I didn't get the name of the magazine. I'm not even going to ask if people believe that, of course they don't. They just do it for a they?

My nephew's writing a book, you know? He already did a book of poems, called "The Big Apple" (yes, about New York) and it's amazing (a woman said "you should send this poem to Mr. Bush"). They're beautiful, with rhymes and drawings and everything a book has (a short biography about the author and such). I did a cover for the book he's writing right now. He might change his mind about it later on, but for now it's exciting to think I'm helping him. He's going to be a famous writer, I tell you. You have no idea, he has such writing skills, and he's only 11.

Oh, well. Here I am, on my new PJs, wearing an odd spider cuff (I can't really tell the difference between cuffs and wristbands, except for the $2 difference). I'm going to finish this entry so I can go see the movie on TV without interrupting the typing.

Beware of the "I'm reasonably unsatified" feeling, seriously.

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