Computers, TVs and Fight Club.
Wednesday, 01/21/04 - 5:50 pm.

I went to the post office this morning, to pick up a package from my friend Nicole in Miami (it's so cute, what she sent me, a candle and a card). Actually, my parents AND I went. And then we went for a cup of coffee and then to a couple of stores.

The first store (ignoring why I was really there for) had the TV I've been dreaming of. No, it's not plasma TV, it's actually a small TV (the size of a computer monitor), but it has a VCR attached. So that I can watch movies in my bedroom!!! You see, I have an old TV in my bedroom. I don't watch a lot of TV, ok? So it makes no sense (and it has no cable, so it's a lot worse). It's just there for my nephew to play Super Nintendo (yes, I still have one of those!) or for my dad to watch some special show when I want to tape something at the same time, on the "official" TV (the one in the living room, connected to the VCR). But I need to sell the TV in my bedroom. Details, details.

The second store (ignoring why I was there for, too) had a computer. I'm drooling over a new computer, because this one is collapsing miserably. So they had one, it was black with a hard drive 10 times bigger than this one's. It was on sale, and they gave you the printer for free. I'm talking my dad into buying it, but my mom says it's not the right time. Too bad it's my dad the one who holds the credit card. People say you gotta talk to God and not to the saints. Still, I need to work on my dad a little more.

They also had a printer-scanner-copy machine, just like the one my brother in Houston has. Imagine all the money I'd save on photocopies at the UCA. But that seems a little unreacheable , a little more than the computer and the TV-VCR. But I'm hopeful.

I've been cleaning up my room, the personal stuff, mostly. I'm sorry to see all of my Simeon work end up in a box, but I don't know what to do with it. That kind of material is impossible to publish, is too random and not visually attractive like, say, Asterix comics. I arranged all of the letters I've gotten and put them in a bigger box. Arranged my videotapes (Aerosmith and Beatles, about 16 altogether....see, I need a VCR!) and my Calvin & Hobbes and Asterix comics. So in case of fire of flood (don't tell anyone, but I live with a mortal fear of my house getting flooded or setting on fire...kind of hard, given it's made of bricks and concrete) I can have all of my dearest stuff (letters, comics, Aerosmith and Beatles stuff) at my instant reach.

Oh, and Fight Club will be on tonight! Words fail me to express my euphoria. I am fuckin' taping it. I want the original one, DVD...but until I graduate, get a master degree and make tons of money, enough to buy a DVD player and the DVDs, the copy off the TV will do. And I will get to see it on the TV-VCR in my bedroom. I want that, and I want the computer and the scanner-printer-copy machine.

The things you own end up owning you.

I am Jack's pathetic tendency for consumerism out of being "reasonably unsatisfied".

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