"Aerosmith is in Houston...hey, weren't you...?"
Friday, 01/30/04 - 12:19 pm.

Aerosmith in Houston, Aerosmith in Houston, Aerosmith in Houston, Aerosmith in Houston. That's all I hear. And then I think that maybe staying two more weeks in Houston would have made the biggest difference in my life. Yeah, I am frustrated, and I hate myself today. Like you have no idea.

I walked out of my room this morning and my parents were sitting on their bed, laughing together. It was cute.

I'm going to a bookstore tomorrow. I love bookstores and I love thinking I'm going to one (not having a car and not having money is why I don't go on my own, often. Ok?). I watched Shine on TV last night, too. Yeah, mindfuck. Joy. I wish I had a piano (I wish I was a more committed piano student).

Ok, those are just tangents, I'm trying to get that stupid "Aerosmith in Houston" off my mind. Please, please, someone tell me I'd have been unhappier if I had stayed in Houston. I know it's just a band...but it's my band. I've wished every fuckin' day for an opportunity since I was 12.

Dear God, fuck it all. Fuck it all.

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