Aerosmith, Nobel Prizes, appliances and keys.
Saturday, 01/31/04 - 2:34 pm.

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am, to tape something about Aerosmith and the Super Bowl. But instead, there was some paid programming about a high-tech vacuum, and people enthusiastically talking about how a standing vacuum had made them a better human being and how it boosted their self-esteem (that's what it seemed, anyway).

So I went to bed. And bottom line, I missed it. But last night I caught a little bit on Access Hollywood (and that was just because my dad was out, and the TV was know how the TV goes on and on when night falls -argh-). Yes, always settling down for the least. This Evil Force gives me a 40 second report instead of a 5 minute interview.

But in any case...I'm ok with it now. It's not like by being in Houston I automatically get to meet them. I'd probably stayed home in the suburbs, just rotting. "Oh, I'm 30 minutes away from them (IF they're staying somewhere downtown)" it's not so different from "Oh, I'm five hours away from them" if you can't do anything to move closer. What the hell, I would've not dared to talk to them had I run into them, let's face it. Well, I don't know. Maybe I would. But we'll never know, and who the hell cares?

I was reading today that Bush and Blair are up for a Nobel Prize. What a joke. They "made the world safer" by bringing down a dictator. Their world, perhaps. It's not any less dangerous, it's not any better. While I see a lot of iraqi people were relieved, historical things were destroyed, and kids lost their arms and their family, and they sent soldiers that have a lot of the facts wrong. What stupidity, they exaggerated everything. Say the word "freedom" and everybody jumps, it's like a Pavlov reflex. But they won't get the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize is for creative people.

My dad gave me $20 (*greedy looks*). For books. But if I don't find a book of my liking, I'll go to the record store nearby (in such case, I'd spend just half of it, and the rest would be my own money). I want to get a job in a bookstore or a record store. I did mention yesterday that I was going to a bookstore, right? I can't wait. I can't wait, dammit. There's gonna be some puppet show for kids, but I'm there for the, uh-huh, mindfuck.

There's something new I like: Teen Titans. I'm lame, but the faces they make never fail to amuse me.

My mom got a new microwave. Hopefully the next thing on the list is the computer. It's on sale. It's black. It has a CD burner (well, all have CD burners now, don't they?...I'm sorry I still live in a ranch in the country). They give you a free scooter (well, that's the hook for my nephew to chant with me "I want a new computer"). *shakes* Precious...give me my Precious.

The antivirus is not working. Yesterday my dad called me and said: "how do you get rid of this without opening it?". "This" was a direct access icon. "Without opening it" because it led to a porn site. It was obvious, I could tell by his reaction. I almost cracked up. I have seen porn, big deal. I hate it and it has no effects on my hormones. I'm all anti-reduction of the human nature (I do think humans are stupid, but that's something else), to begin with. But it was funny, my innocent, puritan dad all nervous. God knows what he did to be taken to that site. He's always messing up with the keys and makes strange combinations that do strange stuff to his documents (he's lost quite a few, the poor lad).

I learned today that the name of the one who invented the ctrl-alt-del combination is David Bradley.

Ok, bye.

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