Books and Super Bowl ignorance.
Sunday, 02/01/04 - 11:46 am.

I went to the bookstore yesterday, like I was saying I would since two days ago. I was actually just tagging along, like an amoeba (see, I don't know if amoebas tag along, but they so totally rock) because my sister was taking his son to see a little play.

I didn't like the play very much. There were two mimes, and I love mimes, but there wasn't a lot to be amused about. The bookstore has a cafeteria, and I should've bought chocolate chips cookies or strawberry cheese cake, what the hell was I thinking? I know, what the hell was I thinking, turning down my favorite desserts? I was thinking of books (I regret it now, but at the time I was absorbed on books...books and music are the only things I consider worth of my money spending...above clothing and food).

I spent $25.50, which means I spent more than what my dad gave me. I always go out of budget, I'm so stupid. But I bought To kill a mockingbird, Acid casuals and Asterix's Obelix & co. (as a matter of fact, that was the book that threw my budget out of the window), because it was about damn time I got another Asterix book. You should read Asterix. You should, you must, you will.

The next purchases in a near future are Paul McCartney's book of poems, Blackbird Singing (I'm not into poetry in general, but I love his writing) and a George Harrison record. But it's going to be a long time before I get money to buy them by myself. And there are so many Beatles books, I'm about to give up (once you've read two or three most of them start looking the same, but you always find something new in each of them...and if you're an obsessed beatlemaniac like yours truly, you'll always welcome a new useless fact like how often Martha went for a walk...and if you're an obsessed beatlemaniac like yours truly, you'll know who Martha is).

My sister is going abroad for three days, and I'm going to look after her son for another five days or so. I love him, I really do, but I've been looking out for him since Houston, every fuckin' day I look after him the whole day. He can't do anything alone if it isn't playing Game Boy or watching TV. I asked if he could stay at his dad's house but there are family feuds (I feel sorry for the little kid) and bottom line, he can't see him. Stupid single mom pride. I have to carry the weight of entertaining a child everyday the whole day for almost two months. This is no life for me.

It's a good thing my parents understand (even if people can't do a lot to help you, it's enough if they understand). I tell them I don't want to babysit my nephew anymore the whole day and my dad says: aw, put on his shoes, he's such a good boy and he needs somebody, he needs you...but yeah, I understand and you're right, you need time for yourself, too. Parents who say that deserve...I don't know, some major award for parents.

I'll be wrapping up this now, because I have to check all the things related to the Super Bowl. The pregame, I mean, the goddamn pregame featuring Aerosmith. I don't even know what time is airing here and what "local CBS station" I have, because I'm outside the USA. Maybe that's why I don't get the big buzz about the Super Bowl, after you strip down the music and the food and the get-togethers and the expensive commercials and...wait, I also don't understand what football has to do with all this. The answer must contain the word "american", I suppose.

It's none of my bussiness, anyway. Thank God, because I really don't care. I just want to catch that damned Aerosmith performance that's supposed to kick ass (they'd better play like the motherfuckers they used to be).

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