(More) Beatles, brother and sickening news.
Sunday, 02/08/04 - 2:51 pm.

The Beatles madness goes on. Long story short, there was a show last night on a radio station and I caught a few nice things on tape, like I saw her standing there performed live by John Lennon and Elton John in 1974.

My nephew and I were jumping and singing along to every song. But we had to laugh out loud when the spanish version of some Beatles songs came on. It was lame, seriously.

We thought about joining the Beatlemaniac fan club. He said that he'd go if I went. Meeting on saturday, once a month. It's free, because no one's trying to make money (if anything, trade stuff), just have a lovely time with other beatlemaniacs, discussing and enjoying The Beatles. But like I said, I'm very, very lazy.

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles...*shakes* my precious. These are happy times, I tell you. I feel the beatlemania in the air, as if all Beatles fans around the world were my neighbors.

My brother comes back from Houston tonight. I don't know what I'll do about The Grammys. I'm not sure whether to leave the tape rolling or trust in the timing (that we might be home by 8 o'clock). I want to tape the tribute to The Beatles, and Paul and Ringo via satellite and Yoko attending and Olivia accepting the award on behalf of George (I'm hoping he will...how could you compare an former beatle with a stupid former nsync member?) but I also want to tape Steven and Joe presenting an award. As you might not know, I'm very picky, and Beatles and Aerosmith go on different tapes. I have tapes for each party. I think the safest thing to do is to leave the tape rolling.

The newspapers on sunday are the worst. Two particular pictures made me cry: a man stoning another (he was already dead, there was a huge bloodstained rock next to his body, but the guy is throwing another one at him, all hateful) and the worse I've seen in a while: roosters being burned alive...there's one that was trying to escape from the bonfire, and you see dead chickens carbonized at the bottom.

I feel sick.

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