Three items, 40 years ago today and bleeding gums.
Monday, 02/09/04 - 5:35 pm.

My brother Alan came back from Houston last night, and he brought me...stuff.

One: a Fight Club poster. It goes on the wall behind my door, so when you close it it looks as though a happy Tyler Durden and a very upset Narrator are hiding behind the door waiting to jump on you and beat the living fuck out of you. I love it.

Two: the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, with The Beatles on the cover. I told him to look for it on thursday, but I wasn't sure he'd find it. I hadn't seen that magazine anywhere when I was in Houston. I was a little embarrased to ask him for it, as I'd already asked him for the Fight Club poster. But I thought I had nothing to lose, the worst that could happen could be him telling me he didn't have enough money or that he hadn't found it. And, luckily, that was not the case. "It was 40 years ago today!". Yes, it was. 40 years ago TODAY.

The bag in which the magazine came contained two sour candies and a Superbowl pin, too. I love the small gifts that come with (conceptually) huge gifts.

And the third item: it's the thing that surprised me the most because I'd honestly lost all faith in finding such thing. After he gave me the Fight Club poster, he took out another poster. IT WAS A STEVEN TYLER POSTER!!! A twenty-something year old Steven Tyler. I'm used to seeing the wrinkly (but still hot and energetic, granted) Steven Tyler, not the drugged-up, badass motherfucker he was in the 70s. That made my hormones rage (and my mom gasp horrified). The poster is huge (I suppose it's a regular poster, but I'm not used to them, all my posters are small, coming from magazines and newspapers), he's wearing a jacket and jeans and is smoking...his lips are half open, letting the smoke come out, as if he was talking to you. Damn, he's really the man of my dreams (it's just an ideal, though)

I taped the Grammys last night and I watched it this morning. Actually, I only watched the parts I cared for: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry presenting an award and The Beatles tribute and award (and the White Stripes performance, too). Steven and Joe with BB King presenting an award, it was nice. They looked great (I also caught them on E!'s "live from the red carpet"...Joe's son was behind...damn, he's a blond Joe Perry with blue eyes).

I wasn't very much into the tribute to The Beatles, but Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono's was very moving. It was so touching when Olivia looked up and said "I love you, George"...and then Yoko starting to cry. But then seeing Ringo and Paul cheered me up, specially Paul playing guitar.

And today, I believe, is the day The Beatles conquered the world.

I mentioned yesterday that some Beatles songs have been translated and sung in spanish. They sound kind of lame, truth to be told, but it's just proof of their relevance and influence. Everybody wanted to sing Beatles tunes, all over America (the whole thing). Once they arrived to the US, being of such global importance, the statement was made. And that was it., that's not it yet, because they're still here. Like the song, here, there and everywhere. As John Lennon says: Soft, isn't it?.

I went to the dentist today, just to get my teeth checked out. Shamefully, I hadn't been there in over a year, but luckily, my teeth are quite alright. He asked would I like to have a clean-up and I said ok. And he called his wife, who's also a dentist and she cleaned up my teeth (friendly advice from my dentist: get one at least once a year).

Bless the dentists for existing, but I can't really understand how people decide: "geez, I want to see teeth for a living". A tooth doctor, why would anyone like to be seeing the (sometimes creepy) inside of people's mouth? It's just a dumb question, I know, like asking why people want to be lawyers know, dentists.

My gums bled a lot a few times. The lady said it was because the toothpaste is like the shampoo, it's very personal, and my toothpaste of choice was not the right one for my gums. One toothpaste may not work well for some people. I'm kind of sorry I left the dentist's sink all stained with blood.

It got very painful at a certain point, tears were coming out of my eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry...are you on your period?". No, lady, I'm not on my period, my body is not very acid around this time of the month, it's your sharp instruments what are making my gums bleed that much. She was nice, though. I admire her resolution and confidence, making me cry yet knowing she wasn't screwing up.

And it wasn't that bad. The taste of blood all over your mouth is uncanny. Tyler Durden would get a kick out of my dentist's gum abuse.

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