Fish talk and a long Valentine's Day family meal.
Sunday, 02/15/04 - 3:14 pm.

I couldn't sleep last night, because of mosquitoes and because my mind seemed to have a life of its own, and it was like I was dreaming and yet I was awake (is it me or did I really sound that stupid?). I'd close my eyes and I'd see performances on a black & white TV, and the name Brian was echoing all of the time (I don't know any Brian, I must've heard it some time during the day).

On an unrelated note, my sister left her Beta fish here for a couple of days (the days she went abroad, weeks and weeks ago), and then she never took him back home. So I put him next to Freud. Not in the same fishbowl, of course (they're both males), but next to the other.

One day my sister's fish became host to bacterium, and she decided it'd be better if she left it here, to be taken care of (five drops every two days) until he got better, because at her house it's only her and her son, and they're both rarely home. So the fish is lonely at her house, and somebody had to give him the medicine and have a conversation with him. But he isn't much of a talker, really.

The fish gets better and my sister says she'll take him back and my mom says it'd be better if he stayed with us and Freud, as in "we'd like to adopt your fish, he's always yours but he'll live here because we can feed him twice a day and we clean fishbowls more efficiently and he's happier here". Seriously, my sister's fish has changed his behavior since he's here, because this is a more active enviroment (there's always people around, and yes, beta fish acknowledge your presence). And having Freud as neighbor, they're always making faces and yelling at each other. "Stimulating", if you will. But she'll take him back home, anyway.

And so my mom, defeated, says "oh, let's get another one for us, then". Shocking, coming from my mom who's always saying no at my request of getting a fourth pet (my three pets: Frog the dog, Freud the Fish and Ultraman the parrot -yes, he finally has a name!-). But happily, we might have a colleague for Freud in a near future (and in a near fishbowl).

Oh, right, the family meal that names this entry...I didn't quite like the food, but the laughs were grade A.

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