Wanted: Peter Pan-ish boy man ready for the revolution of the mentally awake.
Saturday, 02/21/04 - 5:15 pm.

I was thinking today that I'd like someone like Peter Pan. I've realized that 1 (my ex-boyfriend) was such an adult. And all of the past quasirelationships weren't my type either (I'm glad I didn't end up with D...though, honestly, the body chemistry I felt with him was quite remarkable). I don't want that. I want someone Peter Pan-ish, in every way (but that also knew when to be an adult)...someone who flies. I fly, of course, so I have the right to hope somebody else does.

I can't say a lot more today, because I have so many things in my head right now (I mean, I always do, but this time is not nonsense) that I can't even remain on my seat.

If you lived here, you'd smell revolution. Not the "hi, we're all depressed teens who lock up in their bedrooms and write beautiful poetry, while wearing their broken heart on their sleevee". The real revolution, the one you don't know about, because you're too far away from the real world.

You know, I can't wait.

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