Two tablespoons of tangents and a bloody Alley Cat.
Monday, 02/23/04 - 1:56 pm.

Hi. I am very lazy today and I have no will to say anything whatsoever.

No wait...except for "happy birthday mr. Whitford (rhythm guitar in Aerosmith, don't you know?)!!!!" and "last night I sent in an e-mail to one of those debate shows and it (my name as well) was read on air. The question wasn't mine (my brother composed it), just my e-mail address. The rightist lady to whom the question was directed said I (my brother) was wrong about a certain person we mentioned. And we weren't wrong, she was, because she hadn't read the newspaper. We sent another e-mail, don't take pride on your ignorance, read today's the newspaper but that didn't make it to her. Shame".

Considering both comments as tangents, go here and download the game Alley Cat. It reminds me of my first computer *tear*. Please, please, please. It's a small file (55 kb) and you'll have fun with it.

Good night, or something.

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