The way up the pit of boredom and the ugly promise of more neo-nazism.
Monday, 03/01/04 - 1:55 pm.

I've been walking around the house all morning, bored out of my skull. It's about time I start finding something useful to do. All of my self agreed, I can't just walk around the house. I'll find something to do. Something worthwhile, I mean. Not just "read" or "watch TV".

I'm dissapointed, because I think the right wing will win the elections. Crap, it's 21 days until the elections for president, and a couple of polls were made public today. Things are not looking up, and I'm starting to lose all hope. I guess it's another 5 years of extreme neoliberalism and stupidity and corruption and hunger for the majority. And just so you know, by this, the USA will get more and more immigrants from this country. I'm really sad, you know? There goes the dreams of change.

This afternoon I'm going to the UCA to register all my subjects. I'm not drawn to start the semester but there's not much else to do. It's a good way to kill time in a useful way, anyway. I'm sure once I start classes I'll be more encouraged to keep my body moving. It's just a cycle, the more you do nothing, the lazier you feel to get anything done. I'll break the cycle and I'll be ok.

I saw an ad today, I could apply to work in a fast food restaurant. But I want to work in a record store or a bookstore. Picky, aren't I? But life, God, whatever you call It, has blessed me with the opportunity to say "oh, I can wait for something that's more of my taste", so don't think I'm ungrateful about it. I was thinking that if my family said "well, yes, you could give it a shot at a fast food restaurant" then I'd give it a shot. But I mentioned the idea to my mom and she said "no". And I thought "ok, then, I will definitely wait for something more of my taste".

Now it occurs to me that her "no" could be another version of the "I'm still 11 years old" situation. But I'm not upset about this, because I really didn't want to work at a fast food restaurant.

I'm going to say again that I'm dissapointed about the polls results. I could just cry. I'm not a sick, mindless fan of the left wing, but you don't live here, so you don't understand how mortal it is to have another 5 years of the same thing, politic-wise. Year upon year, and now it's 15 years. You see, they are neo-nazis. Fucking neo-nazis in love with neoliberalism, ready to suck the blood of the poor (because they're a "step back in civilization", not a result of the system, you know?) and of the ones who don't agree with them.

I have to go gather all of my strenght, physical and psychological, to get out of the house. I hate college paperwork. I hate all kinds of paperwork, as a matter of fact, but who doesn't?

I'm going to finish off with the thing below because it just so happens I am listening to music right now.

listening to while typing:
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes.
Sugar, Sugar - The Archies (I like it, ok?....I'm so cheap).

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