The Stupid Week.
Saturday, 04/03/04 - 10:32 am.

I have been doing stupid things all week long. I made the stupidest things yesterday and today I made something stupid that I quickly regretted. This week has been stupid. I've done stupid things and stupid things have happened to me. I don't even want to remember this week, and I'm reconsidering the idea I had, that it was a curse that I didn't have Diaryland to pour everything out. Maybe it's better to forget.

I still don't feel quite well with this computer, I haven't completely gotten used to it. The worst thing is the creen that irritates my eyes in a heartbeat and gives me a headache. On the old computer screen we had another screen to protect the eyes. But this screen is bigger, so it doesn't fit.

I am going to see Scooby Doo 2, today. With my nephew. I kind of hate Scooby Doo, as it's mortally predictable, but I like to go to the movies. And maybe, since we're going to the movie theater in the mall, I can walk by the record store and see if they have Honkin' On Bobo already.

I went to a bookstore yesterday, I bought The stranger. I was hoping to pay a visit to the record store, for the same reason ("see if they have Honkin' On Bobo already"). But guess what, there was no record store anymore.

Today's Irene's birthday dinner. It'll be fun. I mean, not for me, on a personal level. Just in general..."oh, yes, nice people and a great menu".

The Holy Week begins tomorrow, and we get to have a week off. I love watching The Ten Commandments on TV, it's the only time of the year I get to see it. Not many people go for the religious side of this week...I take my time to do so. But I know that most of my time will be spent studying for midterms. It's begun to rain, as well. Finally.

Oh, yeah...that stupid thing I did yesterday...I deleted by mistake a book my dad had just finished writing on the old computer. He was planning on entering two contests, one local, one international. 30 poems and God knows what else. Call me stupid seven hundred seventy seven times.

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