Oh, four, oh, four, oh, four.
Sunday, 04/04/04 - 4:37 pm.

Yesterday was a long day. But it was a good one. I discovered Scooby Doo offers many more possibilities on the big screen than on the TV. I really enjoyed the movie (it was the sequel, but what do I care).

After the movie I looked for a record store. I asked a very rude woman if Aerosmith's Honkin' On Bobo was already in stock. Specifically, I asked "do you have the new Aerosmith album?", and she dryly replied, while his eyes called me freak: "there's no new Aerosmith album".

Oh, ok. I'm sorry, my mistake.

Bitch. Fucking ignorant bitch, why was she working in the fucking record store, in the first place?

At night I attended Irene's birthday dinner. I saw Pablo and Melvin, and there were moments in which we clicked again (it's been too long to even think about having a somewhat stable connection). I fitted sometimes. I actually had fun. And the meal was great. AND Irene had The Beatles' 1, and she put it on during the meal.

I heard a few family members talking about going some place...camping or something. I hate myself for being so boring and not wanting to go. But honestly...I don't want to go.

I have so many ideas -personal projects, who knew I was capable of having those?- and so many academical demands that I just don't think this week off will be enough. It'll definitely not be a vacation.

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