It would've been a great trip, but people ruined it.
Thursday, 04/08/04 - 9:42 pm.

I had a nice time at the beach. Well, not at the beach, as the ranch we went to was about 10 minutes away from the beach. I didn't feel like walking down there and I just stayed in the pool, and played with dogs, swung on hammocks and read a few pages from the brain in action.

The property belonged to my brother Carlos' girlfriend's parents. Her family loves dogs, and they had five: a weird one (my brother and his girlfriend's), three yorkshires (one was just 5 months old) and a basset hound that's too cool to even be described.

The Beatles' 1 was on the way to the beach, and George Harrison's Brainwashed was on the way back home. The beach is no more than 45 minutes away (this country is very small), but there was traffic jam and it took us two hours. Both ways.

I like the country (going to the beach is pretty much like going to the country...this country is small and is multifunctional), but it scares me. Its people, I mean. Ok, most people are amazingly kind to you and will greet you if you're walking by, but the culture is shamefully rural. People (and not just from the country) are just plain rude, specially when driving. Rude and abusive. And I hate seeing how animals are treated.

Civilization (or maybe just humanity) never fails to ruin my day.

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