Present-day Jesus, good-news brothers and dying fish.
Friday, 04/09/04 - 12:07 pm.

Good Fridays have always been the days when I watch movies about Jesus on TV. I love them, as a matter of fact. I caught one this morning, but I don't have the strenght to endure all the torture scenes (therefore I will never, ever see The Passion).

There's something very special about those stories. I'm not a very religious person, in the sense that I don't go to church. I'm not very religious, but I have a lot of faith. There are so many lines and symbolisms in those movies that not only are touching by nature, but also they are applied to the "right here, right now" my dad talks so much about.

That "right here, right now" means that you're to apply all the things in the Bible, mostly Jesus' work, here and now. Like you shouldn't take all those stories like simple history or fiction (whatever you believe) but as a guide. And not a Divine guide that'll take you to Heaven, a very human guide to make this life -here, now- a little better, and not just for you but for the ones around you.

On a change of subject...a few weeks ago, my brother (the one in Houston) was told he was showing signs of suffering Adult ADD. But today he called us in the morning and said, very relieved (and so were we), that it wasn't serious. It was anxiety and stress. Because of all his life. He's a pediatrician in a strange land, not only working but also studying. He's married, with two kids to look after. He's never had a real vacation since he left this country, seven years ago. All of his family is many countries away, and since he got married he and his family have lived in nine houses (Houston is the longest they've stayed in the same place, four years now). Well, that's a tangent. I'm just happy there's nothing serious with him. I mean, there kind of is. He's tired and all, but that's something that can be solved.

My brother called, in first place, to let us know that he received the contract for my brother Alan to start working in El Paso in june. My mom cried a lot (she was very happy).

Freud is dying. My fish is dying. I don't now what's wrong with him, but I think he just won't make it. He's lost his color, he doesn't eat, he just lays at the bottom, and doesn't even react when I get near...I mean, he used to react and flap, I don't mean that in an egocentrical way.

I am expecting Angie, Victor and Irene to come over this afternoon, to see American Beauty for an assignment. And I just don't get over the fact that it's Good Friday.

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