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Wednesday, 04/14/04 - 10:18 pm.

Today's my nephew Javier 8th birthday *throws confetti*.

The only highlight of the day is that StalkerGuy (we call him StalkerGuy because he seems to stalk all girls...he's a kind soul, though) gave me a small size chocolate. In two days, I've received two nice chocolate products (Irene bought me chocolate milk yesterday, remember?). Talk about life being nice to you.

I got my period today, too. I hate the period, I don't deserve it. I don't want to have children. I won't contribute to the conservation of this species, nor will I expose my spawns to the horrors of civilization. But still, I'm thankful because it's been arriving at times of the day in which I can lie down and sleep the pain away. It didn't arrive, say, at 7:00 pm, when Methodology of Investigation has just begun and I'm sitting in an uncomfortable desk for a left-handed (oh, the things I do to sit by the window). I mean, those cramps knock me the fuck out. At least I get to feel miserable in bed and I don't have to be paying attention and taking notes.

I just caught (and taped, who do you think I am?) an interview with Joe Perry a couple of minutes ago. And on my way to Javier's house after class (to drop off the little gift I bought for him), All Those Years Ago by George Harrison came on. It's the little things, I tell you.

On the other hand, while I was watching CNN, waiting for Joe Perry to come on, I discovered things in Iraq are horrible. Big surprise it is not, of course. But things are worse now, killing hostages. Now you can see how big is the ego of the presidents, they could never care for one or four fellows, they just want to be right. Still, it's easy to talk when you're overseas. I hate hearing that "bite the hand that feeds" comment. But if you're going to get technical about it, nobody asked that hand to feed (whatever it's feeding). That hand is just pushing itself down the throat, what could you get from that? I mean, what else would you expect to get from that? "Oh, thank you for coming over and destroying all of our historical monuments and leaving children armless". Bullshit, the USA was not there to bring down Hussein. They couldn't care less about dictatorship. How do I know? Because Latin America has suffered from that evil since its beggining, and I've never seen the USA concerned about helping the oppressed (we have no oil, I am aware of that).

Congratulations, world.

I look out my window everyday, I listen to stories about people everyday. My God, how could I ever even try to fix 1/1000000000 of this stupid world?

My mom gave away my bed today. Funny, isn't it? so I'll sleep on the floor tomorrow night. No, yes, I will get another one, of course. One of these days.

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