(Embarrasing) girl talk *cough*
Friday, 04/16/04 - 11:52 pm.

I'm better today. I mean, about this. I wrote a lot about that, so by the next morning, this morning, I was pretty much over that feeling.

Besdies, today at the UCA, I saw Veronica (one of them). She didn't see me, but I, duh, saw her. She was holding hands with a boy (she told me a few weeks ago that they liked each other very much), and I was very, very happy for her. I don't know why I didn't want her to see me, but I was so glad to see her. And see her happy, too.

Yeah, so I'm back to being my college self, all socially concerned, craving knowledge and eager to help people in order to make the world a little less lame (always sad, but socially concerned, nonetheless).

I went for an ice cream with my friends: Angie, Victoria and Irene. Victor didn't show up. He's very lazy.

The ice cream parlor is a few steps away from the UCA pedestrian gate. And that's quite handy, I tell you. Only, I believe, the products are overpriced.

Ok, we bought our ice cream (I bought a milk shake, I'm so hardcore) and sat at a table. We must've looked like Sex & The City charachters, only licking ice cream cones. There was some girl talk, but not the corny type of talk. The heartbreaking type of talk.

We went for an ice cream celebrating Victoria's birthday, but we ended up listening to Angie's feelings on her and Victor's break-up. I'm sorry for her, because Victor hurt her a lot. She's seriously in love with him, for none other reason than the person he is.

The four of us are single now (ok, five, Victor is single, too, duh), but Angie is the only one who isn't happy with the break-up (breaking-up with 1 was a huge weight off my back). It was a long talk about that. Well, I just listened. The other three did the talking. I don't know much about love and relationships, really.

Speaking of relationships, something funny and pathetic took place this afternoon by my car, on a stop. I laughed my ass off, but I thought it was really, REALLY sad.

There were two lanes, one north, one south. I was on the way south. Facing north was a car with two girls inside. The hot-ugly type of girl. You know, the ones who are really ugly, but know how to look hot.

Then a car, a van, filled with boys (five or six) drove by theirs. And I heard from the driver, talking to the girls, in a "seductive" way: hello, what's your name?.

I...I have no words to explain how much I wanted to scream YOU ARE RIDICULOUS! while laughing out loud. I'd always seen in the movies that strangers come up to girls and say a stupid pick-up line or something, but I didn't think that happened in the real life of a third world country. I was shaking, trying not to laugh (I wanted to, but my dad was driving and I think he didn't even notice). I'd have given anything to have my friends next to me to embarrass those boys with our laughter. We're pretty good at that.

Fun, fun, fun. And mostly, pathetic. I think it's the first I get to say that stupid people have made my day.

Well, back to the ice cream parlor. The walls are glass, and besides being a few steps away from the UCA, it's also in front of the bus stop, so you can see who gets on and off the bus (normally all the people at the bus stop are students). Well, my girlfriends (ha, listen to me, that's a term I never thought I'd use) have found a boy who is just angelic. Tall, baby face, blond curls. The guy's a dream. He was walking by and Angie ran to the glass and stared at him, literally drooling.

Chronologically, I saw him first (because I arrive earlier to class, and his class is before mine), but when I realized they were starting to swoon over him too, I moved on. He's not quite my type, anyway. He's just too beautiful. I've backed off and now I see them, Angie specially, follow his every move. She even got a nickname for him, and it's too funny to even mention it on a public outlet like this one.

While I didn't have internet access a couple of weeks ago, I still wrote an entry per day. Shame on me, I haven't posted them here so they remain lost.

The importance of these entries (relative importance, as in the big scheme of the universe they mean nothing) is that...well, they're embarrasing to me. All I talk about is boys. I have my few crushes. The angelic guy was one of them, and I had a favorite one who gave me quite a rush for a couple of days. But now I've settled down for a guy in denim jacket and black bracelets, who shall remain nameless, for I don't know his name. Yeah, ok, I call him Trent. Because he looks just like Daria's Trent.

I got a message, through Irene, from a 9th grader who claims to be my fan, admirer. I'm glad I've been out of school for two years now. I remember the 7th grader who harrassed me in senior year (I talked about him a few times in this diary). It was all childish, yes, but very annoying. I think this guy is friends with the one who sent me the message. Isn't it sweet that someone you don't know remembers you after such long time? Right, it is not.

And to top this entry off, I'm going to panic *panics*, for midterms begin this week and I'm absolutely...er, panic-stricken. *Panics again*.

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