About this diary and its diarist.
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F.A.Q. (well, not quite, I made them up)

Ok, who is Simeon? Are you?
Simeon is the name of my invisible friend, twin brother, alter (male) ego, leading voice in my head and main charachter of my cartoons. He shoots spiderweb (yes! like Spiderman!). He was born...well, in 4th grade. There's a lot to say about him, but I'll just say that he likes the word "psyche" a lot.

Where are you from?
From somewhere in Latin America.

Don't they speak spanish over there?
Yes, but writing in english serves a few purposes: first, in the beggining, it kept my parents from reading what I'm writing (since they don't speak english)...they're not nosy, but sometimes they stand behind me as I'm typing, to tell me something. Second, it helps me keep my anonymity (sort of). Third, for the most part, I've found speaking up my mind less difficult in english, perhaps because sometimes it's simpler than spanish (but sometimes it's a little limitating as well). Fourth, I need to practice english, it opens many doors in the professional world *smiles*.

When did you started this diary?
Exactly on september 1st, 2001, when I was in high school, at the ESJ school (the only school I ever attended, from pre-school to senior high).

That's a long time, what have you been talking about?
In a nutshell, 2001 and 2002 are mostly about my high school life: crushes, academical problems (ugh, math), personal and social issues, and turning points, like when I fell very hard for a boy and that led me to self-harm (but not so much).
2003 is when I started going to college, majoring in psychology. I wanted to be a cartoonist, but I decided to go for psychology two months before high school finished, mostly because I couldn't afford -emotionally and materially- going abroad. I didn't have any talent as a cartoonist, anyway; psychology seemed the only way out then, something like "oh, well, fuck it, whatever"...but now it's the love of my life. The change of life has brought a big change in the content of this diary.

But I mean, what is this diary about?
I tend to describe my day (I try to make it as entertaining as possible, for your and my own amusement) but I also...well, analyze. Everything. Anything. I like to keep the braincells busy.

Say...who are you?
Hi. Female, 22. I'm introverted and I tend to lack of assertiveness. I love open-mindness. I try to observe and analyze almost everything and I do my best to learn as much as I can everyday. I see myself as a sad person with a happy life. And there's much more than that, I grow up everyday, and that's what this diary is about (although entry by entry it's hard to tell).

Can I contact you if I have any more questions or comments?
No, you can't.

Just kidding, love. Of course you can.

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