The Cast.
Last updated: - 02/05/2010.

Me: hey, hi. I was born in 1985, do your math. I live in Latin America. I'm a psychologist, I like to draw cartoons, write, read, listen and play music (guitar and drums). Simeon is my twin brother...ok, he's my invisible friend, a voice in my head. He came into my life when I was in 4th grade and now he has his own cartoon website.

Joseph: ok, this is a long one. He is my First Love, the Love of my Life, possibly. We dated from May 2004 to October 2008. I was completely in love with him, perhaps I still am. I met him on may 3rd, '04, and we were officially together since the 17th. He broke up with me on april 8th, 2005. We got back together a month later, june 18th, and on july 17th I began my sex life. He broke up with me after my university graduation ceremony and by then he was already living with an old flame that four months later became his wife and shortly after that, the mother of his child. I deal with his ghost on a daily basis and I'm learning to live with the devastation.

JC: it took us months of unspeakable chemistry to get to our first kiss (December 2nd, 2009) but after that it took him a week to dump me. And we never were really a couple. He's two years younger than me, we studied the same career and we both were instructors at the university but we didn't go past a "hi". One night in June 2009 he called me out of the blue and we became friends; I helped him deal with the break-up with his then girlfriend. We had a wonderful time and I even took his virginity, yay. I struggle to be his friend, but he's the person that has dissapointed me the most, ever. Oh, and months after dumping me, he got back to his ex.

CR: this guy saved my life, or at least made me improve it, making me stronger in the process. He was Joseph's sidekick back in the day but I only saw him a couple of times. Joseph came to visit me for my birthday in 2009 (the last day I talked to him face to face) and brought him along. We both went out that night and pretty much every weekend after that up to this day. CR has a crush on me, without a doubt, but we're just friends. Thanks to him I have learned to explore the world, and doing things with him and the guy mentioned below has been key to my healing after Joseph. CR is pretty much my only connection to Joseph, and sometimes we talk about him.

Lighthouse: CR introduced him to me the first night we went out, on my birthday. Soon and up to this day it's always the three of us going to parks, concerts, bars, the movies or just hanging out in Lighthouse's house. They both smoke marijuana and I just sit back and enjoy being around them. I have an on-and-off crush on Lighthouse but it's harmless and it helped me feel not-dead, emotionally. He's a bit unreliable, because he's stood us up several times, but our bond has improved over time.

Victor1: he's a colleague. He was my instructor in 2002 and years later we found each other's blogs and started to talk. Ever since we went on to became wonderful friends. This is the guy you need to meet if you think all men are alike, to prove you wrong. He's a beautiful, loyal person. I have cried and laughed out loud with him.

Victoria: we went through university together. Before that, we went to the same school, although we weren't close then. After graduation, our friendship has grown stronger. [There is Victor2, with whom I have a similar history as with Victoria, but we haven't been that close after university...I still mention him from to time, though]

Angie: I love her so much. She lives in the U.S. but she's always longing to come back. I told her not to get married, but she did, in 2009. I can't help saying to her now, "I told you so".

Angel: We went together to school, but he went to Canada for good in 2001. He got married in 2009 and I look up to him on how to build a successful marriage, if I ever get to do that. We talk very often and he understands me so well.

Joe: I saw him playing at a Beatles' tribute in campus in 2003, and a year later he became my guitar instructor. We used to have a crush on each other, but I was with Joseph at the time and I got over it. We remain good acquaintances.

My family

My parental units: Married for over 40 years. We have our conflicts, but they're wonderful parents.

Brothers, sister and their families:
Brother #1, Sister-In-Law #1, Nephew #1 (18) and Niece (16).
Sister and Nephew #2 (14).
Brother #2, Sister-In-Law #2, Nephew #3 (2)
Brother #3 and Sister-In-Law #3.

Pets: Currently I only have one Himalayan cat, Nena. My beloved 12-year-old dog Frog, passed away in 2008; my 25-year-old parrot, Parrot, passed away in 2009; my other lovely cat, Nena's brother, was killed by dogs in April 2010. I wish I could adopt more but my mom refuses. I adore animals.

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