Uproar 10(0)1.
Friday, 04/23/04 - 9:50 pm.

Ok, I now declare this entry "entry 1001".

So many things happened today -good things- I don't even know where to begin. The day's been so particularly nice that the midterm has been buried under a bunch of small happenings.

I was extremely disturbed this morning, and I couldn't even study. I was hungry and cold. I felt more like a recovery patient than a student preparing for a midterm. I felt pathetic (physically) and overwhelmed. So I gave up studying. I was fed up, and somehow I knew I knew. "I'll remember when I see it", was my unspoken mantra.

Meeting with my dear foursome at two in the forest of the campus. Only the girls showed up (Victoria, Angie and Irene) and we sort of...reviewed everything, and freaked out and spoke of things that had nothing to do with the subject (biological basis of behavior) but made us laugh a lot.

Angie brought a friend for a while. I thought she was from Spain (she's not). She's like a tall, blonde, skinny Daria. Later Angie told me she'd said she thought I was funny, even thought she didn't get my jokes. That's funnier, because I never told any jokes (a. I don't yell; b. I don't tell jokes). No, it's because all the things you say are intellectual jokes. Alright, then.

Midterm arrived and the five of us (Victor had joined us by then) were freaking out. We had gotten a hold of past midterms, one from 1998 and one from 2002. They both had the same questions. And to my surprise and joy, the same questions appeared on this midterm.

I felt kind of bad, like a cheater....HA! who am I kidding? I didn't feel bad at all.

But it was kind of...meritless. A good grade without an effort...call me a geek, but that's like rock-climbing without the adrenaline: dull. We practically HAD the exam in our hands before we took it.

The reason why we got those past midterms (and we thank Irene and her connections for that), though, was because we wanted a guide. We used it to ask questions to each other, and we discussed why something was true or false. Plus, we were counting on this midterm to have a different content, for God's sake! We'd heard he always switched evaluation systems so we figured "well, he'll formulate new questions and dificulties". We were told he would. I consider the use of the same 40 questions, for seven years straight, a taste of laziness.

Let's leave the ethical side of this out, yes? It's not like I memorized the copy of the exam I had, I did exercise my knowledge during the test. I'm pretty sure I could've gotten almost the same result (or at least not a significatively difference) had I not studied off that 1998 exam.

Whoever did that exam got a few answers wrong. He or she got "0.0" for those. I got a kick out of all her errors. With "0.0" you can draw the face of a ninja turtle, a butterfly and John Lennon.

Ok, the midterm finished and I waited outside the room for my friends...WAIT!!! GUESS WHO PASSED ME BY WHEN I WALKED INTO THE ROOM?!?!?!?! (well, it was the auditorium, we are a lot of people in that class). THE FUCKING MAYOR OF THIS CITY!!!!!!!! AND I WAS ALL LIKE, "OMG!!!!!!11".

Seriously. There was some event at the auditorium before my exam, and when I walked in, the mayor was walking out. I wanted to come up and talk to him, just because he's a celebrity (*cough* sort of). I should've asked him for his autograph. He's the second national celebrity I've sighted within six months. The december day before I left for Houston I saw a famous (nationwide) soccer player riding the children's train in the mall. See? I'd have TWO autographs by now.

I'm so ridiculous.

Alright. Back to the end of the midterm. I overheard a girl: oh, have you seen my husband? My husband this and my husband that. He told me, when we got married, that he'd take my last name, isn't he sweet?

She mentioned how the name of her "husband" would sound...and to my surprise, the "husband" she was talking about was my brother. I wished I were drinking something when I heard her say that, to spit on her face. I knew I would have. What a laugh this girl is, I thought. Such a silly, delusional girl.

See, my brother is the coordinator of the career of psychology at the UCA. In case you don't know/remember that. So he's obviously...whoo, a celebrity! which makes me famous by association (if people knew I am his sister). I wanted to come up to her and laugh in her face, "I'm your sister-in-law, Ohmygosh!!! Gimme a huggggg!!!".

I told my friends, and they said: yeah, well, your brother has somewhat of a fan base...this girl, Ivette, told me "he's *yourstruly*'s brother, right? He is so cute" (oh, so people DO know I am his sister). I supposed she added "He's so cute, how come she's related to him?". I never thought my brother would...have such an impact. I am amazed, yes, because when I met the guy (he was 10 when I arrived to this world) he was a bermuda-wearking skater. Now he's an all-around intellectual. Yeah, I'm proud of him, of course. And I look up to him.

We went for ice cream!!! My friends and I. Dear God, those four souls are an uproar. We only bought two sundaes, because we weren't exactly in the money. We shared the spoons, because the lady wouldn't give us one more. And we sat out in the street, laughing out loud at everything and anything. I swear the ice cream had something odd.

Victoria: Mars said (she was a classmate, I used to talk a lot about her in 2002) that from afar you looked like that man you love...Steven Tyler it is, right?. That's possibly the best comment I've ever received.

Ok long story short: after the ice cream we attended Psychology of Development and we watched two movies about women giving birth. It's usual to hear "I'm adopting" after you see those movies. I'm joining Greenpeace, surprise.

I have a sore throat, because I'm not used to speak a lot. Fifteen minutes on the phone and my throat is killing me, to give you an idea. I talked a lot today, between explaining brain structures and laughing with my friends. And *cough* telling intellectual jokes *cough*.

One midterm, three more to go. And you know, I did learn a lot. I will never forget the functional architecture of the brain. I diagnosed Victor with "slight tendency to agression of the self with sensorial supramusia" (he drums on himself, all the time). Yeah, I made half of it up. Sounds cool, though, doesn't it?


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