Unlucky shortcut, psychotherapy, and my crush turned out to be my best friend's boyfriend.
Monday, 05/03/04 - 10:15 pm.

So I take a shotcut to the bank, right? I have to go from one side of the campus to the other one, so I take a shortcut, not walking through the classroom buildings. I did it because I wanted to decrease my chances of running into someone. Anybody.

And do you want to know just how much my luck sucks? The first person I didn't want to run into was the first and only person I ran into. D. He smiled and said hi, and I said hi, and he asked "class?", and I replied "payment" (pointing the way that'd take me to the bank in the campus), and then awkard silence and then "ok, bye", "see ya".

I'm completely recovered from whatever happened two years ago. I didn't want to run into him because of what happened, the awkward silence. I bet he doesn't even remember I was the one he hurt in senior high, and I've finally accepted that, and pretty much moved on with my life *throws confetti over herself*.

I ran into someone else later on, a boy I went to school with. We were never particulary close, but we started to talk while walking around the campus, and by the time I noticed, we'd been talking for an hour. About his plans of studying in the USA and how he hadn't told anybody yet about that, and about my career (psychology). "Thanks for the therapy, you're the only person I've told this to", he said when we said goodbye. I told him to talk it over with his family first (maybe it's that I'm getting better at analyzing people, but I don't see why he didn't think about that). And he also discovered the perks of introspection. Yay, psychology.

Ok, hang on, I have a very funny "dear diary" moment. It's actually the highlight of my day.

You remember DenimJacketGuy, aka Trent? The boy I have a crush on? I met him today. Uh-huh, like, OMG!.

No, not really. You know WHY I met him? Because I ran into Cel, and he is her boyfriend,. Small world, huh?

No, I'm not sad over that, of course. That boy was just eye-candy for me. I tend not to fall in love at first sight, you know? I just liked him. I liked his style: jeans, t-shirts, the denim jacket, the bandana around his wrist, skinny, tall, short hair, the black wristband. I love that image.

Ooooh, we shook hands!

Speaking of something else, I got the results of two of my midterms. In one, Biological Basis Of Behavior, I got 9.3 (out of 10). In the other one, Methodology of Investigation, I got 8.3 (again, out of 10). This one had me really worried, and I actually got a better grade than I thought I would.

My Super Ego is mad at me, though, because Irene got 9 and Victor got 10, he's the only perfect score of all 67 students. I'm not jealous of him, he's always been the smartest of the five of us (although the laziest, too, even lazier than me). I just feel...inferior. Yes, inferior. I hate 8s, I must get 9+ in order to keep a high average.

I try to feel relieved, because I got a better grade than I expected, but my Super Ego keeps telling me I should be ashamed of myself.

These are bizarre times in my head, I tell you.

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