Three slight crushes.
Saturday, 05/12/07 - 8:02 pm.

Crush number 1 is an emo-looking kid. And he talked to me two days ago. Well, he just asked me if I knew Victor and could I please tell him he wouldn't be able to give him a ride that day. Victor later told me he's a high school classmate of ours' brother, AND, he's studying psychology, this is his first year. He has a cute face, and the typical lock of hair covering one eye.

Crush number 2 is WrongGuy. A few days ago he went to BK with his (new) girlfriend, and he got a little big-headed Spiderman. He also got a Spiderman mask, put it on, and walked around campus with it. He's hilarious and incredibly creative when it comes to making laugh. So yeah, I enjoy spending time with him. He follows my occassionally psychotic train of thought, and that's something I always appreciate.

Crush number 3 is S, my instructor for Professional Orientation. I met him when he was a helper at the psych lab last semester, and he's a blast. Only lately we've been getting along really well, to the point that a lot of people AND the proffessor were freaked out when, in the middle of class, he gave me a massage. The proffessor thought it was scandalous (she's old school, in every sense) and said that'd make him lose points with the students. Meh. I was sore and I asked him to; I've been getting really stressed, and all that stress goes nowhere but to the back of my neck, thus it hurts and it's full of fat knots.

Our friendship is getting stronger, and we've ended up talking through IM. He told me about his ups and downs, I told him about my was very heartfelt and honest, and we found a lot of things in common in each other.

Perhaps "crush" isn't the right term, though. Since getting over Joe, my deep, strong feelings belong to Joseph alone, and I honestly don't want or need anyone else. Sure I like to have my eye-candy, like it's happening with crush number 1. Crushes 2 and 3 are just good friends of mine that stimulate my intellect and constantly make my diaphragm vibrate with joy. So they're very dear to me. And that's all.


On less hormonal news, my schedule is full: workshop, patient, girl for PO, boy at a public school (with whom I'll be working with the whole year). Article, design of project for workshop, meeting for workshop and patient, plus classes, studying for midterms and being an instructor part-time.

However, I've been taking my time off, mostly to spend it with Joseph. We went to buy my dress for my brother #2's wedding on wednesday, we went for BK on thursday night (I wanted a Spiderman like WrongGuy's) and yesterday, we spent part of the evening together, because on fridays I go to a public school to work with the boy, and class is off.

I must admit, now that I have a full schedule like I'd never have before, I truly appreciate leaving such situation. I'd be burned out by now if it wasn't for Joseph (and my sister, who today took me to the movies with my nephew).

I have a lot of more things on my mind, but for now I'll go away. Good night.

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