A rainy day off with embryos and wedding preparation.
Sunday, 05/27/07 - 11:11 pm.

I took a fucking day off today. I took Joseph for breakfast to a pretty garden, and since the day was so beautiful, with dark clouds about to pour out a storm, I stopped by his house. And things I didn't plan on happening, happened. I never felt so good. I guess it was the rain. I kissed him for the first time when it was raining like that.

I dreamed Joseph and I had a two year-old son. But that could be because the day before I saw an embryo that's slowly becoming my nephew or niece. My almost sister in law (two weeks 'til the wedding) brought the picture. She -because in the beggining, they're all female- looks like an 8. For the record, it was my very own brother #2, the father, who called it embryo. I would've done the same thing, just for kicks. But yeah, that's a baby. I can't wait to meet him/her!

Speaking of the wedding, future SIL brought me a few dresses to try on. I spent the day pissed off because she wanted me to wear a long dress, and not the one I'd bought. But my sister and my other SIL helped me decide and now I'm at peace; I actually like the one I chose...and it's mine to keep. Plus, I still get to wear the dress I bought to the civil wedding ceremony.

Thinking of all the wedding protocol, however, kills my excitement. I'll have to carry the rings during the ceremony. It was either that or holding the tail of the dress...WTF?!?! Do you really need a godmother for that?

Ok, ok. I keep those thoughts to myself. Obviously, for my SIL, and for my brother #2, tradition is very important in marriage, and I will not be the one to break it. I'm just not very traditional. But it's THEIR day, after all, and it has to be like they want it to be.

Back to my day off! It was great. I completely left out all academic work. I did work a lot yesterday, however, so I wouldn't have to worry today. I love myself for that. I worked so hard I even went to see Spiderman 3 at night, to thank myself for the effort during the day. I like Spiderman. Simple as that.

I'll finish this good day with a nap before going to bed. It's back to reality tomorrow, pressure and all, but I still have 8 hours to run accross my subconscious fields.

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