Lord, send me a vampire.
Sunday, 10/04/09 - 6:46 pm.

I stayed home today. I went for brunch with my family (Brother #3 and wife, sister and parents) and that was my only trip of the day. I watched Twilight, because I was in the mood for a chick flick. I don't know if that movie is really such thing; I dare to call it like it that because it plays with my romantic feelings and makes me fantasize with the perfect guy, who's perfect even if it's in his nature to want to suck my blood until I die.

Did I mention last sunday, when I went out with Joe, that Lighthouse had called me afterwards? He was asking if I was still with Joe, so they could meet. I said he'd gone home and after he cursed a little at how fashionably late he always is, he said he'd call me later to go out for dinner, along with CR. Never called, of course. I thought of inviting Lighthouse to the movies today, but (a) there are no movies I care for at the moment; (b) it's a waste of time expecting a reply from him, I don't even feel like trying. Joe is playing next saturday and I'll let Lighthouse know. But I'm not neurotic about him anymore, so I don't care that much if he shows up or not. I'm just trying to help him.

I decided to stay home this afternoon. I would've rather gone out, of course, but I was too lazy to start calling people to see if someone was available. And at this point is pretty obvious that nobody will call me. Which is pretty discouraging, really. While I like taking people out, I wish somebody took me out for a change.

I can't seem to find inspiration to write a story for a contest I want to enter. On the other hand, I kind of wrote a song on piano this afternoon, but by the time I decided to write it down, I forgot all but the intro.

It has come to my attention that I feel a little lonely. But I shall try to stay upbeat. This friday I'll go to my university to (1) attend the Psych Festival, which is always a riot; (2) see if Mr PhD, the head of the psych departament, is available so I can ask him if there's a teaching position for me, or better yet, if he can kick out the irresponsible guy that's run the Psych Lab for years and put me instead (not with those words, of course). The time is right for that, because the students want him out and are getting organized. If this was an election, I'd win, because a lot of them know me and appreciate me; I was their instructor or just gave them a hand when needed.

I'm feeling wishful. Damn you, Twilight.

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