Five days to go.
11.10.2014 - 8:53 pm.

Hello from a new computer. Out of all the things I have to tell, the most immediate one is that my previous laptop stayed running all night because I closed it too soon (I was falling asleep). It is fucked up, possibly, beyond repair. Andrew, the pragmatic guy he is, talked me into getting a new one, a Mac. So yesterday I woke up with a ruined laptop and went to bed with a new one.

I am getting married in less than a week and indeed my finances are not in the best shape ever. But the computer is *the* tool I need to make a living and I can't get by without it. I basically use it to write and read, so it's stupid that I've had three in a three-year span, all of them with dumb glitches and problems that have nothing to do with what I do as a user. So Andrew convinced me to try Apple. I'm still learning how to use this thing, but if it lasts two or three years without being a pain in the ass, I'm sold.

Anyway, something even more important is that my parents are here! They arrived at 2 am on friday, we went sightseeing in Santiago and now they're staying with us at the apartment. It's been nice, a little surreal that they're here. Andrew is a sweetheart to them and my parents love him. I lose my patience with them too quickly sometimes, and Andrew frowns at me to make me snap out of it. And then I feel bad about it. I'm lucky and blessed to have them with me, with us, and I try to take care of them and pamper them as much as possible.

So yeah, the wedding. On saturday, eh. It's finally upon us and I can't wait for it to be over and get back to my normal life. I mean, I'm grateful it became the reason for a bunch of my family to come visit, but the event itself is a handful, and a lot of work I do not care for.

I'd like to write some more but I have other things to do right now. I miss using my spare time on stuff that does not relate to planning a big event. I have a blog entry about the XXV anniversary of the massacre of jesuits at my old university begging to be written, and instead I have to coordinate a meeting at the place of the event. Just a few more days, I tell myself.

My aunt arrives tomorrow. And Brother and SIL 1, and Brother and SIL 3 with Nephew 3 and Niece 2 arrive on friday. And an uncle, too. And perhaps next time I write here I'll be married. The lulz.

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