Research ALL the letters!
Saturday, 04.08.2017 - 11:31 am.

It would be very ironic if my PhD dissertation on fiction and LGBT prejudice ended up omitting the B. It seems it's going that way and I don't like it. My own sexual orientation aside, the absence of bisexuality would be telling in terms of prejudice, it's so easy to erase it from the discussion.

I don't think my supervisor would be too happy if I intended to add a study about the B. I mean, not in a personal way, but I can see his arguments already. In a nutshell, my thesis would be all over the place. Research is more reliable when you focus on one subject or group, using the previous study to correct mistakes for the next one, instead of jumping from one to the other as if you were chasing shiny objects.

It's my own shortcoming. When I started the PhD, I thought about LGBT as a single community, regardless of the different letters (and others) in it. In that sense, I've learned a lot since then, about the different struggles of each community and most certainly about myself. With that new knowledge, my research choices are changing. Personally, it's a very important journey, but it still wouldn't look good on a thesis. "Oh, the LG study didn't work. Let's jump to the T. And now to the B". I go from one letter to the other due to my own inclination to do research on them and counter prejudice dynamics, but still. It's hard to justify in a thesis.

I can only end this with "we'll see how this goes".

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