A week on my own.
Friday, 08.25.2017 - 6:10 pm.

This has been a blissful week. It went by slowly and I did not mind at all. Andrew was away for a course in The Netherlands and it was just my nephew and me at home. Don't get me wrong, I love Andrew but I also love my solitude, and I hadn't experienced it in a long, long time like I did this week.

I'm afraid that with Andrew we look like we're joined at the hip. We get to the office together, we eat lunch together, we go home together. There's not much we can do about that, we happen to have similar working patterns and we're both doing a PhD at the same place. We're both morning people; things would be different if, for instance, one of us preferred to work at night.

This week I kept our schedule, because it's the one that works for me, but I got to walk and ride the bus on my own with my headphones on. I got to come to an empty house after work because my nephew was volunteering at charity shops, and I just grinned at the silence and the emptiness. Well, the cats were here but they're like fish swimming around the house, except when they start chasing each other or demanding food. Then we'd watch TV and have dinner with my nephew. It's funny, I wrote about this lifestyle in my AF story. Lots of things I've written about in it have come true for me or have happened, in general. It has to be published soon, Jesus Christ.

I had a very nice week, is all. It kind of made me sorry that I stuck to the heteronormative life pattern of getting married, but I was pretty much doomed to do that, growing up where I grew up. I don't regret marrying Andrew, he's the kind person that you should not let get away if you're going to follow that heteronormative pattern, because it turns out that marriage with someone like him can be quite liberating. Plus, following that pattern is what has me here, all happy in the UK, and not struggling in my hellish country. But I'm just saying, I truly love being alone and it's been a while since I've been with myself like that, for days.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing Andrew tonight! Then we'll have our last weekend with my nephew before he returns to our home country, hopefully bound to get accepted in another university abroad in the next months. We'll take him to the airport on Monday morning. I'll miss him so much, though I know sometimes he drove Andrew mad. But then again, the things my nephew did were things that Andrew does too (small stuff, like being loud around the house or putting off chores), so I'd just shrug it off, haha. Joke's on you, buddy.

Then next weekend we are going to Barcelona. I'm not quite looking forward to it because of the terrorism threats, and because I don't like Spain's Spanish. It's a good thing us colonies took some distance from it. I bring up the language because we are going to the David Bowie Is exhibition, which YAY, but I hope it's not lost in translation. Though I admit I laughed at Bowie's very Spanish-from-Spain pronunciation of "Ibiza"...which was the correct pronunciation anyway, just not mine. 

Ok, time to go enjoy our last days together with my nephew. We're watching Bob Burger's, it just speaks to our souls.

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