Getting up earlier
Saturday, 04.28.2018 - 9:07 am.

I've had social engagements two nights in a row this week, look at me. They were both of a different nature, but equally enjoyable. Sometimes I wish had more money, friends and personality to go out more often. But most of the times I'm OK with what I have, really. 

On Thursday night, a bunch of (party) people met in a pub for pies (yay!) to celebrate a friend from the Department getting her PhD. And last night, Andrew and I met with my friend Eric and her friend that came to visit, an academic from Japan. We went for dinner at a somewhat fancy place, and we had a rich, adult conversation. 

Also, for the record, I've been feeling very good-looking this week.

Anyway, these social events were the cherry on top of a demanding week. It could have been more satisfying if the participants that signed up for my study actually showed up, but I still worked a lot. Andrew also had data to collect, so we got up very early this week. Getting sunlight earlier helps to do that (hence we were up at 6:30 am today, a Saturday), even if it's been as cold and rainy as if it was winter these days. 

Speaking of participants, the last one I had this week was a beautiful boy. I mean, he was an undergrad, a kid for all my standards. Still, I died inside a little a bit over how beautiful he was, and possibly queer to boot.

On the manuscript front: I mailed my manuscript to Spain a week ago. I got a tracking number and the fucking thing is still in Madrid, when its destination is Barcelona. I'm angry, I'm kicking furniture (figuratively), I'm quietly furious. Can't one fucking thing go smoothly and timely with this manuscript? The publishing house already stated they take ages to review manuscripts, I don't need to delay someone noticing my story three more years because the mail is not delivering it!   

This shitty thing aside, I do think my complaining phase is passing. I have a few things I want to write today (a pitch, the academic paper Brother #3 and I are writing, a blog post*), and I'm busy with my thesis writing. More than that, though, for a while this week I got a very soothing feeling, like "you know, people are reading your stuff, they just don't say anything". Yeah, OK. 

*A coworker from my first job passed away a few days ago. He died on the street, on his way to work. He had a heart attack. We worked at that NGO for people with disabilities, I was the secretary (2009-2011is), and he'd been the driver there for ages. I had certain perceptions about him as a coworker, but this is not the time to bring them up, and I can just say he was hard-working and nice. May he rest in peace. Wait, so the blog post is about the crappy writing of the local newspapers, including the way they are reporting his death like it's a fucking -poorly written- poetic short story.

Right. I didn't wake up this early on a weekend for nothing. Let's get to writing! (but first, let's go read for leisure).

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