Pride time
Saturday, Jun. 25, 2022 - 11:35 am.

The Andean New Year was celebrated this week, WiƱol Txipantu here. We traditionally celebrate 202x years, while First Nations in South America celebrate 5530 years. They live in the future, and as I read somewhere, they're truly living in post-apocaliptic times, after colonizers came and destroyed their world. And many of us still fight on different fronts for our wellbeing, our rights, our existence.

I've been feeling better this week, I may even dare to say that my post-covid symptoms are going away. I've been exercising a bit and when I finish I still have my breath. I keep using my inhaler because, well, I paid for it, for two in fact.

I've also been doing well at work. I'm getting more responsibilities with my research line on sexual and gender identities. I now have to prepare an application to be "hired" by my uni with my salary paid for by the government's research agency. Still not sure if I'm on the running for this, there's a lot of politics involved (my boss and my potential boss deal with that), and only five people per university can apply nationwide. But it would be a good thing if I applied and I got the post.

Because of my work, I've been running some activities for Pride month. They don't get a lot of attention, let alone attendance, but I'm leaving a trace and preparing a foundation for bigger things, I hope. Yesterday I got an uni email inviting to a ceremony to rise the Pride flag in campus on Tuesday, and it came from an organization that I'd never heard of; I don't know if it's a student or a staff one. Obviously they're well connected because putting up a flag in campus is a big deal. Good for them, good for all of us.

Nevertheless, my big ego says we beat them to the celebrations, because I put together a screening of the Pride movie for Tuesday (it seems only 20 people will attend so far, but oh, well) and my potential boss asked me to write a Pride message to send in a massive email from our Social Sciences Unit that same day. Still, I need to do some queer networking in campus.

The city's Pride march is next Saturday. My first Pride in Latin America. I've attended one or two marches for other causes in this city, and I've always managed to leave before the cops come and start throwing tear gas (yet I should know better and always carry a backpack with stuff to ameliorate the harm). We'll see what happens this time.

Andrew and the cats are doing well, my family is, too. Well-ish. It was my sister's birthday this week, I called her and it broke my heart what living in an authoritarian state is doing to her health and her spirit. I pray that her, my nephew, my brother living there and my sister-in-law can get out of there sooner than later. My parents are doing well, within reason.

My jaw has been hurting in a new fashion, but thankfully I have my appointment this week. My therapist said we should be wrapping up my therapy in a couple of weeks. Lastly, I have a splitting headache. Probably because I drank a glass of G&T last night without drinking water. I'm doing well enough.

Stay safe, keep fighting and happy Pride!

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