Give me back my fucking passport, UK
Friday, Jun. 30, 2023 - 8:32 pm.

Too tired to make a proper entry. And my head is elsewhere. I still haven't received my passport from the UK visa centre. In my plans up until a few weeks ago, I was gonna be in Sheffield tonight. Now I'm just pissed and desperate because basically the UK is withholding my passport for no apparent reason. They've had it for almost two months now.

I emailed the UK visa centre asking them to just return it, I won't be travelling anyway. I can see them being petty about it and using their power to fuck me over that (i.e., keep retaining my password), but fuck it. I paid them for a fucking service, they had one job: give me back my passport with a decision on my visa.

They haven't replied, of course. They won't, you're not supposed to talk to them. I also got a contact for the rip-off visa centre that handles the visa applications but again, you're not supposed to contact them at all. On their website they essentially clear themselves from any liability if my passport doesn't show up.

I'm so pissed off. My trip to my home country is in three weeks. I can't write about anything else.

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