A globetrotting friend stops by to say hi
Friday, Sept. 08, 2023 - 4:49 pm.

I took the day off from work today because I have a Puerto Rican friend from mainland US visiting this weekend. I met A. when I was working as a secretary in a NGO, which was a branch from a bigger international organization. We talked often due to the nature of our job, but he lived abroad so it took a while before we met face to face, and we only did a couple of times when he paid official visits to this branch.

Nevertheless, we've stayed in touch for around 15 years(!). He's travelled all over the world, he's very fond of African countries where his work has focused the most, and he lives in an odd space between being from a colony and making a living off colonizers' ways. I have so many postcards from Asian and African countries thanks to him. He's quite a character, and he never runs out of stories to tell.

He arrived yesterday morning. After lunch, we attended an event commemorating September 11 (1973), and the professors and students from my uni that were tortured, murdered and/or disappeared during those cruel times. An older lady who was a student then and who was tortured in prison told her testimony. It's harrowing, that extreme right-wing batshit madness (and the fact that it's always around and kicking in this country) truly breaks me.

On lighter news, today we went to the city centre. We're meeting with friends for drinks tonight, and tomorrow we'll get out of the city. Then we'll do some more sightseeing on Sunday morning, and then he's off to the capital... Where he wanted to be on Monday to mark 50 years since the coup. Bless him. Then he's off to Rapa Nui.

Besides this honorable visit, this week we finished the actualization of our adoption file by the psychologist and the social worker. They're now working on the report they'll submit to the adoption agency, which should take about a month.

I want to be optimistic. I know the evaluation from the social worker is positive. It was positive the first time around. I want to think this new psychologist will believe we've met our therapeutic goals and we're fit to be parents, but I won't rest until I hear her say so.

Paperwork for our apartment is also being processed. Still some time to go before the purchase is complete, but I'm glad the wheels keep turning.

This was a short update, but at least it's free from work talk. Bye for now.

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