It's all good, clean, fat fun.
Saturday, 07/05/03 - 1:42 pm.

I had a blast last night. My sister, my nephews, my niece and I went bowling, but the place seemed more like a discotheque. They had these laser lights that made everything glow, even the clothes. And we had pizza, as well. Bowling always reminds me of The Flinstones.

Then we came back home, and my sister went back home, leaving her child (nephew Javier). Because the three kids were sleeping over. My parents had gone out for the evening, so we had the house for the four of us. We watched Yellow Submarine *heart*.

Renan and Rebeca left the house in the morning, at around 10:30. Javier just left for his swimming lessons, and I'm home alone...

...looking forward to go to the movies when Javier comes back. We're seeing that...Kangaroo movie. Kangaroo Jack or something. I'm not really drawn to it, but what the hell, it'll be fun. Even The Jungle Book 2 was fun (although the movie itself was a little lame).

After that, my sister will go with the rest of the family to the theater. That's my sister, you know? She's out all of the time. Quite the opposite to me.

So it's all good for now. I'm having a lot of fun, it's one ride after another. I hope this is how my entire vacation will be like...or at least most part of it...I can't tell, who knows. This is the kind of moments in life in which your entire philosophy has to come down to "carpe diem".

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