Shopping and the inability to fall in love.
Saturday, 11/22/03 - 9:17 pm.

I'd never heard of the Hanna-Barbera show, The Impossibles. They're quite basic, but I discovered them thanks to my nephew, a few weeks ago, and now I like them a lot.

I saw D yesterday. There are a couple of encounters I have not even bothered to mention, because...well, I just don't care anymore.

But yesterday it wasn't just him. I hung out with Veronica for a while, while she was waiting for Norm (then he stayed with us, along with Rod). Then D arrived, and he offered me some of his "I can't believe it's yogurt!" yogurt, and I can't believe it's yogurt myself. There's nothing worth-telling, and while I think he doesn't hate me, I must make him feel a little uncomfortable. I won't go in details, but I get that feeling. Or perhaps I'm just giving myself way too much credit (I go for this choice), maybe I didn't affect his life at all.

Hours after the casual encounter, I was thinking about how I kind of miss him, but I'm pretty much over him. I just wish I could fall in love. I'm not in love with my boyfriend (I'm not a player, I did think I was in love with him), and that's bad, because he is in love with me. I just don't feel chemistry, at all. You see, when I was with Veronica and the rest of acquaintances, I felt something I don't feel with 1...familiarity. He's a stranger to me, that brings out nothing new in me.

I did dream of falling in love, but that's irrelevant. I doubt I will ever fall in love like people do. I can't conceive the idea of me feeling so hard over someone who feels the same towards me, and a feeling that actually lasts, too. I doubt I'll get to say he (or she, who knows) is my world or something like that, or will endure more than 6 months living together. But I do think I'd like to wake up and find that the person that means the world to me is next to me, ready to hold me. But that's my hopeful, delusional, surreal side.

I'm updating so late because I just got on the computer. I've had a busy day, I went to the mall twice...I'm not a mall person, but when I go, I have to take my time. I also worked on a Simeon notebook and I played with my nephew.

I went to the mall with my parents in the morning. I always end up with a guilt complex when I go shopping, I hate spending so much money. Everything, since the stupid president replaced our currency with dollars (about two years ago), has become more expensive, even twice as expensive. But my dad, God knows how, always makes the money last (dad: oh, well, one day I'll die, I'll give you all I can now. Besides, we seem to have a lot of money because we don't waste it on, say, alcohol or other unimportant things, I have a good father indeed).

I bought a dyed t-shirt, a pair of jeans and converse sneakers (I love those)...and some other stuff for my trip to Houston (in three weeks!). I went to the supermarket, too. We were at the mall for around three hours, searching for specific stuff (we're not the type of people who go there just to "look around and stuff"...that's a waste of time, and it's also nourishing the system I loathe so much).

Then in the afternoon I went with my sister and my nephew, to see Spy Kids 3-d (at the movie theater in the same mall I'd gone to with my parents). I'm not into that movie at all, not even into the 3-D stuff. I just went because my nephew invited me, and I want to spend with him as much time as I can, given I won't see him for an entire month. The movie? It was alright.

- My sister: he (my nephew) said he wanted to have lunch here (my house). He said "would you rather spend 3 or 4 bucks at the restaurant than half an hour at your parents' home?
- Me: (LAUGHING HARD): that sounds familiar!!!
- Sister: what do you mean?

And when I explained her this, she bursted out laughing, and said: the things you teach him!!! No more Calvin & Hobbes until he's 21!!!.He even carries around a stuffed Tigger, pretending it's Hobbes.

Well, he likes the Ninja Turtles, Saint Seiya, Calvin & Hobbes, The Beatles, wearing bandanas, among other things that can be found in my belongings and/or lists of things I like...I'm very proud of him *tears*

He and I had a good time at the supermarket (yes, I went to the supermarket again, but that was another one), after the movie. We got lost, so we just walked around while my sister did the shopping, talking and seeing...stuff.

Today I discovered how hard it is to choose a toothbrush. And I bought Lion King cereal, too!!!

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