The vigil tonight.
Saturday, 11/13/04 - 4:27 pm.

It's too early to be writing an entry. It's kind of dumb, too, especially today, when the most important thing will come at night: the jesuits anniversary at my university (a mass, artistic performances, and a vigil). But I'll be there, of course, which means I wouldn't be able to write until tomorrow (and you know I just can't skip a day in this diary).

So I might as well type this entry right now, even if it's just to say I have nothing to say. I've invested my time well, though, working on some statistics (ugh) for an exposition on monday and writing an essay about the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, whom I admire very much, even though just a week ago I had no clue who they were (ignorance is NOT bliss).

Thank you for your attention.

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