Notes of a tiring monday.
Monday, 11/15/04 - 9:50 pm.

Notes of the day:

I hit my left knee with the sink at noon. I have no bruise, but I grew a second left knee.

I had a goddamn exposition in psychometrics. I think we (my group and I) failed miserably, but I'm glad it's over.

I did not see Joseph today, and I may not see him tomorrow. To be honest, I was so busy today I barely thought of him. But now that I'm home and look back, I feel his absense, and I miss very him much.

Tomorrow it's the mass for the jesuits. Of course I'll attend.

Today I attended a speech on what really means being a psychologist in this country. Wow. It's going to be so hard (harder than the usual, given the highly-polluted context), and yet I can't wait.

I was browsing LiveJournal and I came across the entry of a thirteen-year old who was commiting suicide by overdosing. She was saying goodbye. It upset me a lot. I hate fatalism, especially the teenage type (not that I'd blame them completely, some of them have a had a hard life, even at such young age).

I'm tired. I'm thinking of taking the night off. No assignments, no paper, no studying. I can't really take more than that.

Only one month before I leave for Houston. But that's the least thing on my mind right now.

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