Ignorance ain't bliss, go read the newspaper.
Monday, 03/08/02 - 2:29 pm.

Thank God, I got 7.8 in my math exam!!!! Now I'm just missing two more things, the cellar and meeting Aerosmith.

Vic says I'm a cole person. He was astonished by my super power of being able to move the veins of my knuckles (I have got to join the circus). We talk very often, he even told me once about how much his penis was hurting when he was masturbating the night before. He said it in a very casual way, as if he was telling me he was watching TV. But then again, isn't masturbation one of the most common, natural human activities, such as watching TV? Quoting Alice Cooper: yes, Pete, it is.

He's a great, amazing person, only he cuts himself once in a while....suicidal tendencies, uh-huh. He doesn't look like a depressed teeanger at all. I just told him I hope I want to see him in ten years. The motherfucker.

My new friend's name is Barbara. She's a former student, but helps in the pastoral group and she comes around very often. I got to help her today with some Easter shit (for the saturday activities), after my exam was over (thank you, God).

I gave Ricardo a newspaper. A radio station is taking some people to see Blink 182 to West Palm Beach. Motherfuckers, the two times I've participated to go see Aerosmith live, the destination has been the same: West Palm fuckin' bitch. It seems that's the only place they can take you to. Anyway, he got very excited when he read the news (old, old news by now) and of course, he wants to participate. Aaawww, I can only remember my good ol' times, when everybody gave me the tickets to participate in that contest, to see Aerosmith last september *tear in left eye*...I was this close.....I don't even want to go there.

I'm off to pick up my parents in a few hours. I have yet to study and make some crafty shit for other people. I've been feeling inspired lately. Plus, I have to wash my hair, so I won't have to get up early tomorrow. Victor says my hair is cole. It was very straight today. Weird crap.

You know what sucked today, though? I had to walk in a crowd of dumb people. It's pretty stupid. And what really got on my nerves was all that bunch of kids, that don't have backpacks, they have rollers, for fuck's sake. It's not a fuckin' airport, dammit! They run over you with those fuckin' things, and they're an obstacle for us the ones who do carry a backpack and think of leaving more room for others' feet. Grow some common sense, will you, kids?

And this was today's digest. I'm off to study.

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your week.

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