Emilio says: you lack of humanity, obese bitch!
Tuesday, 04/09/02 - 7:36 pm.

In spite of everything, I was very happy and thankful for having my parents back home.

As a little plus of having them back, they brought me a big chocolate, a bottle of bubbles, a few things for my hair, one shirt and pants. And....*Simeon rolls drums*......Emilio, the dog turtle!!! People asked me why I named him Emilio. Because, ok?. He seems to have an Emilio face. And he's just a turtle, but addind "dog" makes the name sound cuter, right?

On other news...my poor Frogazoid. We took her to the vet today, because one of her nails was ripped off and she's in so much pain. They gave her drugs for the pain. At least she's starting to use her leg again. Since thursday, it looked like she was missing it.

Steven Tyler will go to space in a near future. Ain't that neat?


Finder keepers, losers weep is just a motto to justify human selfishness and lameness.

I was at the cafeteria, standing behind the crowd. There was a kid in front of me...well, there were quite a few, but this kid in particular (he must've been from 8th-9th grade) dropped a one dollar bill by accident and didn't notice.

Before I could react, before I could analyze the simple fact of someone dropping a bill without notice, before I could think whether tell him or not (I've already grown enough common sense to have guilty conscience if I keep something that's not mine and know who it belongs to). I saw this girl (probably from 7th grade) covering the bill with her shoe, but acting like she saw nothing. She just stood there, obviously waiting for the kid to go away and keep the bill.

It was 10 long seconds, while the kid was ordering his snack and talking to friends, and this girl stood still, waiting for her chance to get away with one extra bill in her pocket.

I was just in front of the scene, blank. As if I was watching one of those stupid movies for teenagers that are not designed for you to think, but to just see.

Hey, you dropped one dollar, I said to the kid. I was surprised of what I'd just said, not because I didn't want to tell him, but because I didn't even "consider" the possibility. I mean...I wasn't thinking. It wasn't even a reflex, because I was aware of what was happening....like I was just seeing the movie, knowing I couldn't do anything. Or for that matter, it was a slow reflex.

I don't know what happened next. After I pulled his t-shirt and told him, the girl removed her foot and he and I saw the dollar. I'm sure he picked it up and I suppose the girl hates me, but she acted like ooopsss, I didn't see it...HA! pathetic loser...it's incredibly lame how she was trying to steal a damned dollar like a starving street rat, shame on fuckin' you, obese bitch. Before anything else, I walked away and bought me a brownie.

I love The Family Oven brand brownies.

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