Of social and experimental psychology and the finished short story.
Sunday, 03/13/05 - 5:20 pm.

After getting over all of yesterday's news, I feel a little better, or maybe just nothing at all.

I've dedicated my sunday to read action & ideology, by Martin-Baro, for social psychology. Oh, wow.

I'm giggling at the fact that tomorrow I have my first class of experimental psychology, and my brother is the professor. I'm restless about it. We won't cheat (psh, I don't need it) in any way, but it's still kind of uncomfortable. If classmates ask, I'll reply we're brother and sister at our religious congregation...the rumor of our siblinghood by blood comes merely from the coincidence of sharing the last name. And then I will levitate and get away from them.

It's safe to say I've finished my story for the contest (the one held in Spain), so I'll be sending it out this week. I love the story, even though I considerate it too bland. I will win nothing, but I'm just happy that I was able to write something I like.

My dad liked it, he said he was laughing to himself, and asked "where do you get all those ideas?". He looked kind of cute when I gave him the story. I'm guessing that makes him sort of proud, in which case I'm glad to be worth of any pride. Should I show it to somebody else for criticism?, I asked. "No. You fail alone, or win alone. This is all yours". All right.

Oh, oh, I forgot to say that, on friday, Joe gave me a guitar pick he was carrying in his wallet. Do you always carry guitar picks in your wallet?, I asked him that night. Yes...some guys carry condoms, so I don't see why I can't carry guitar picks. Lovely.

Before I go into deeper subjects, I'll wrap this entry up. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of your favorite show about unsucessful people (that'd be Priscilla, Irene, Victor and I...that's how we call ourselves; we have two better names, but I haven't found the translation to put it in this diary...anyway, we are very neat).

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