Little details of today.
Tuesday, 03/15/05 - 9:21 pm.

I'm starting to get busy, but not just because of the academical assignments. I'm part of the Psychology Billboard team, so I have a few searches to do tonight. I wasn't too keen on the idea of being part of it, but I'm actually enjoying it. It's about time I got involved in something that reaches out people...because the psychology billboard is read by EVERYBODY who walks in that hallway. It has a reputation.

I had labor psychology this evening. God, I considered leaving the classroom, I was laughing so hard at the professor. He's so funny-looking. He talks funny. And at first he didn't seem to have a sense of humor, even though he looked like a nice man. But I guess he only needed to warm up. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time.

Before class, out of the blue, I felt like calling Joseph. He sounded sick, or just apathetic. Whatever, I though. It was an strange urge to hear his voice, and I didn't really care how he sounded. I'm starting to miss him, and to fear I'll lose him, in spite of my efforts to be stoic about our "break" or whatever this is.

This kid I know, through Irene, came up to me this afternoon and said: this friend of mine has a friend who's read your book. It's going all around, people are talking about it. It's heartwarming to hear it, but it's also kind of lame. Because the book isn't selling. Somebody buys it, and he or she passes it to 10 people. They all love it, and that's a big deal, really, but sales figures you might think I'm a failure.

I just found out I have to be looking after my nephew on St. Joseh's Day at the ESJ, my old school. I've been avoiding my school, I really don't need to go back there. I don't want to go, but he wants to, and he's too little to go by himself. At least maybe I'll get to see a few teachers. Especially good old Fidel.

I've started a journal/book about my friends and I. It has drawings, and our whole story since the very first day we met at the university. I get to make drawings and keep track of all our sayings. It's turning out hilarious, because, aside from Ernie's tragedy, it's all been good times. He's there, anyway. Because so far I've only introduced the carachters, all six Scolopax rusticola. I have yet to make a digest of the past two years.

My to-do list is cluttering up by the minute, and I'm growing tired at the same pace. Good night.

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