Still, I'll take this over pregnancy any time.
Sunday, 09/11/05 - 7:50 pm.

I woke up with morning sickness, and after my initial "maybe I'm pregnant" freak-out, I realized it was I ate last night. It was heavy meal, at 9 pm. Big mistake.

I refused to throw up, so I stayed in bed until almost 10:30, when usually, I can't stay in bed past 8 am. My dad's phone call got me out of bed, and I told him I came hom last night very late. He sounded a little upset, but once he came home in the afternoon, he said nothing, and only showed concern about my sickness.

An aspirin and a glass of soda is all I've had all day, but I still feel stuffed. I threw up the aspirin five minutes later, but I noticed nothing else came out. So I started to feel better, but then I was all sick again. The real deal is still inside.

I wish I could write more, but although now I don't feel like throwing up, I've got fever and I'm shivering. Syptoms have changed, that's all. I seriously hope I'll get better by tomorrow morning, because monday is my roughest day: a meeting at 9 am, until 11 am, coming home for lunch and then going to the ESJ. I CANNOT miss another ESJ evaluation, or I'll lose my social service time. And that'd be two weeks wasted.

I just would like to add that I feel like crap.

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