Apparently, they had no ideas for this episode.
Tuesday, 09/20/05 - 10:27 pm.

You know how sometimes in TV shows there's no plot and the characters just sit and make a retrospective, and you see scenes from old episodes, including the very beggining? Joseph and I did today, sort of unintentionally.

He got caught by the police on his way to the university. They took away his knife, and he was pissy, so I bought him a cup of coffee. I had a meeting with my Survey team at 5:30, but no one showed up. I didn't mind this time, because I got to be with Joseph for another hour. Which is when we did that retrospective, from the very day he told a friend -Maniac- he was "dying" for me. It's an interesting story. No, really.

I got to hang out with Ve this afternoon, in the instructors' cubicle. It's funny, because today she wasn't supposed to be there. But I talked to her and another girl from 5th year. It was cool. Although they live in a different world, so they went as they came. Then Ve's girlfriend showed up, so I knew it was impossible she'd notice me again. She's very nice. It's funny when she gives her friends the finger, and she smokes a lot.

Well, fuck, my nose is stuffed and tomorrow I'm going to a town that's 45 minutes away, in the morning. In the evening, I have my Social II midterm. For the time being, though, I'm seriously tired. Colds just drain me.

I hear Texas is going to be hit by this Rita hurricane, and my brother in Houston and his family will have to evacuate. Or something. We're not sure yet.

I want the world to know I am disappointed on the Aerosmith ticket prices. I think I won't even bother to check the tour dates. There goes my dream again.

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