This is the secret: I AM STUPID.
Saturday, 10/08/05 - 11:02 pm.

I broke my brother's laptop's screen. I didn't notice, it happened yesterday, after the quake. I was using it, the earth moved, electricity was cut and I turned off the laptop, not noticing there was an object on the keyboard. I closed it, and I heard a crack. I opened it again and removed the object, and closed the thing again, automatically.

He already saw the damage (Lord, what is that?!). But ssshhh, don't tell him. It's bad enough to have the guilt of breaking such pricey device that he kindly lends me whenever I ask him to :(

Automatically = not thinking. Which seems to be a trend of mine lately, and that's why I'm getting lower grades than ever.

Can anybody recommend me a word stronger that "stupid"? I have certainly outgrown the term.

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