The Bible says we'll see signals.
Friday, 10/21/05 - 9:53 pm.

One of the last psychodynamics essays I corrected contained a long quote from the Bible, and I was like: "Jesus, what the hell?!?!". Nonetheless, it's fun being an instructor.

I'm planning my getaway on sunday afternoon, to go to Joseph's house. My friends and I aren't meeting this weekend, but to the eyes of the world (my family), we are. I told Joseph to give me ice cream and chocolate. We've been buying those things at the cafeteria, and I told him they make me horny. Not really, but they make me happy.

Ve says I look different lately. She mentions it casually, but I only see her for seconds. She just comes into the cubicle to leave or pick up stuff and goes off to run errands or whatever. I sort of imagined what I told her if we just happened to have a moment alone and she asked me. It actually makes sense to me.

My brother's wife arrived today, she's here to visit for a week. I haven't seen her, but I've been told my nephew is very violent, and hits everybody. I have no further comment.

Well, this evening I found out just how long the Social Psychology midterm on wednesday will be, so I shall go and study right now.

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