I'm lazy and anxious, arsgdfghefrgfbvsbvdzZzZz...
Wednesday, 01/04/06 - 10:48 pm.

I'm awfully lazy at the moment, or rather at the thought of having to cross the highway tomorrow, to take my little nephew to Randall's for lunch. But hey, maybe I can buy some more stuff, for me...I mean, souvenirs. For my homies. At home. Yeah.

Speaking of which, I'm awfully anxious at the thought of running out of money, because I still need to get my little nephew all the stuff he lost along with his luggage. The airline will give me back the money, but it takes time for me to get it...as I need to mail receipts first, and I don't have receipts yet because I have to shell out MY money first. @#$!%@^@#, I say.

I get depressed everyday, for an hour or so. I get miserable and start to cry, and these feelings are increased when my nephew and/or niece are in a bad mood (luckily, my niece has been her lovely self since I've been here, except for the eyebrows, I'm still sore about that). And I wonder, while I'm feeling miserable, do I want to get out of here, really? Not really. And I get more depressed thinking I will, thus I'll face reality again, back to the ranch (ah, the third world country life). and honestly, when you're this lazy, you don't feel like it.

I think I'm writing particularly odd in this entry. By the way, I'm reading Sybil, and the chapter "battered child" made me SICK. Like, really, I had to close the book and close my eyes. Oh, my God.

Yay, my niece was singing along to Sour Girl this evening. You know, the Stone Temple Pilots might be the next best thing after Aerosmith and The Beatles in my life, shame they're not together anymore..but there's still Velvet Revolver, because, you know, anyway, it's the same singer, Mr. Weiland, and I have a huge crush (Steven Tyler magnitude, the biggest on my scale) on him, even though by admitting that I'm probably coming off as lame. But seriously, he's great. No, really. Big bang, baby, and stuff.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I need money, and I need to stop being lazy, and stop being so nervous about...I don't know what I'm nervous about. I shall go to bed as soon as my niece finishes her homework. Tomorrow is another day....noooo, really?

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