New layout, with sad tickets and failures.
Thursday, 01/12/06 - 10:50 pm.

I finally got around to changing the layout. And, I got the book "John", and the first two Stone Temple Pilots albums in the mail today.

Also, I GOT MY AEROSMITH TICKETS!!! But it killed my excitement, seeing that it said "AEROSMITH AND LENNY KRAVITZ". WHAT? Why is Lenny Kravitz in bold letters, he's the damned opener! It looks like I'm seeing an opening band! No, the website clearly states "Aerosmith and special guest Lenny Kravitz". Goddammit. What were these people thinking?!

Also, those tickets were e-mailed and printed out, they're not tickets-tickets. That breaks my heart, too, they don't even look like tickets and I won't get to keep a piece of it, as a lot of people do. I'm so mad. I just wanted this experience to be perfect.

Anyway, I'm very diffuse lately. I feel stuck, at the bottom of a pit dealing with a delusion of granduer. Man, what the fuck. I seriously need a muse.

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