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Sunday, 01/29/06 - 10:13 pm.

I got this huge urge to cry when the plane was taking off. "Oh, no, it's over". And the worst part is that the kids get all sweet during our goodbyes, so it's hard to leave them. I always lose a part of me when it's time to leave.

This morning I woke up feeling beat-up, and I still can't quite adjust to being in the house. I like my bedroom, because now on my wall there's this huge Aerosmith poster I bought at the concert, and I can put on my new music (read below) just for me at a decent volume. But...I hadn't had a room of my own for a month, you know, sleeping on the couch at my brother's and all that. I suppose I got used to it, so I feel a little claustrophobic being in there.

I put everything back in order in my bedroom, got a membership in Continental Airlines (in spite of their major screw-up with my nephew's bag), and my whole day has been about finishing my Aerosmith article, blowing latex bubbles and learning about/listening to Velvet Revolver. I got the CD yesterday in Houston, along with Stone Temple Pilots' Thank You, during a last minute shopping before the plane took off. I love doing that, it gives me a rush, and also proves my life isn't that exciting and I'm easily amused.

Except, I think the VR CD is scratched and it skips, and both CDs I got contain a DVD that cannot be played on my computer. FYI, I don't have a proper DVD player. Yet.

So I suppose I shall deal with the adjustment and get over it. It's hard when you have this dramatic friend -Hi, Michelle- who actually has some drama to deal with and you're apparently her only outlet. And also, I need to get back to work, on the child abuse project. I'm having a patient this semester, too. And, let's not talk about bussiness just yet, heh? The call from Michelle pissed me off a little. I'm always dreading people when I just came back, especially those who need to tell me how depressed they are.

I wonder if Joseph is cheating on me, right now that he's abroad. No, wait, he was coming back today. Still, he's such a stupid child sometimes.

Did I say I feel beat-up? I can't help falling asleep after a meal, so afterwards I wake up with some sort of reflux and I feel like throwing up.

Also, please allow me to say that yesterday was a long day, as all days when you wake up in one country and fall asleep in a completely different one are.

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