Ok, so I have no life anymore.
Thursday, 02/02/06 - 10:21 pm.

Priscilla called me at 10, saying we were getting together at noon, for lunch. Oh, ok! Victor, Irene and Michelle were going too, so this was our get-back-together meeting. However, I did not expect them to pay for lunch (pizza, yay), give me a birthday card signed by the four of them, and a small chocolate cake. They were actually celebrating my birthday, aaawww. Trying to make up for all the times I've celebrated theirs. Thanks, pals.

Afterwards, I went to the university, to begin the last phase of the child abuse project. A phase that could very well last 6 months. I need to hurry, I have a month before the semester begins, to make as much progress as possible with the project, to finish reading five books about borderline disorder and to review my mom's book, about the history of psychology in the country.

I'm sensing my life is over, as in, as of today, I'll have no life. I'm so tired, and suddenly, a little overwhelmed.

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