Physical heartache and the un-like.
Friday, 05/12/06 - 10:10 pm.

Victor sent a letter apologizing for not going. It softened me a little, but I still don't think it's fair. He has the same overwhelming amount of responsabilities as the rest of the group does...what's the difference between him and us? That we don't hang onto them as excuses to avoid yet another responsability.

Sadly, out of eight members of the CommPsych group, only four will be going on sunday. I wanted to sneak out, but it's not fair. The community has invited us to a Mother's Day celebration...hell, we have to take their invitation, they have taken ours. It's just the title of yesterday's entry, it's pure courtesy, man.

I took Frog to the vet, and he ripped her nail off. I nearly fainted, because she was suffering. But she's always tearing off her nails, and I had no other choice.

Speaking of randomness, I went for breakfast with my rich uncle yesterday morning. Although too capitalist for my taste sometimes, he's a man who's seriously earned everything in life, and I admire his knowledge. Even if it clashes with mine, I wish I could learn more from his side.

I'm talking to my friend Cel for the first time...this year? I'm telling her about my AEROSMITH CONCERT, HOLY SHIT, I'M HAVING FLASHBACKS!!!!!! It's funny how that has changed my life. Well, not my life...but it's different, I simply have a wonderful experience I can talk about.

My heart hurts since last night....physically. It's like when your stomach hurts, when you have air in it. I get that pain in the heart ocassionally, and it never lasted long...but now I'm getting a little concerned. My mom is looking up cardiologists right now. It's probably some dumb air bubble stuck in my aorta, but just checking.

The end!

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